Who We Are

We Support Health Development in the Community

At R.AD.D. LLC, we support the development of a healthy community for the developmentally disabled in Racine County. We strive to be a trusted partner for the youth, transitioning teens, and adults with developmental disabilities.


Our Mission

We are here to create an environment within their limits to experience life as those without disabilities do. Our team of qualified staff use diligently prepared programs for participants. Here they are given safe and healthy opportunities for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Our programs are created to better the well-being of our participants, their families, and in turn, the community.

Meet RADD'S Program Leaders

  • Day Service Director: Cameron Wright

  • Day Service Director: Rick Sorenson

  • Asst. Program Coordinator: Taylor Girard

  • Event Director: Angelina Smollen

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Meet RADD’s Wonderful Office Staff

  • Executive Director - Denise Wetzel

  • Program Coordinator - Ashley Wright

  • Office Manager - Stephanie Sorenson

R.A.D.D. LLC Programs

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