RADD Activities

Our Activities Promote Communication & Social Skills

RADD's recreational and socialization programs are designed to help people with disabilities develop key skills and confidence. Our activities are available for all age groups and are designed to develop independence in our participants.
All this while having fun and includes:

  • Increase Communication Skills

  • Improve Social Skill

  • Develop Independence

  • Improve Healthy Living


*Camp Kinder*

We are now accepting Camp Kinder Registrations! If you have not sent in your registration please do so before spot fill up! Registrations are available on the Contact Page at the bottom as well as the Camp Kinder Calendars!


RADD Camp Update

Our organization is now offering bus services for the camp. If you are interested in signing up for this service, let us know. Our office number is +1 (262) 633-0291. The price is listed below:

  • $262.50 weekly for the 5 - day week

  • $157.50 weekly for the 3 - day week.

Youth 6-Hour Respite Update

In Winter/Spring 2022, we will conduct our 6-hour respite at the office building at 3312 Washington Avenue. We give the kids lunch, play a few games, conduct arts and crafts, and do other fun activities.

We have space to accommodate all the kids and conduct a lot more activities at our office. If you have any questions, please call our office at +1 (262) 633-0291. You can speak with JoAnn, our Program Coordinator.

Adult Activities

  • Admiral's Hockey Games (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Adult Respite (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Adult Swim (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Bingo Night (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Bowling Club (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Camp Kinder (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Cooking Club (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Dance Club (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Dinner & Movie Nights (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Fund Raising Club (Ages 18 & Up)

  • Movies Night (Ages 18 & Up)

Youth/Teens Activities

  • 6 Hour Respite (Ages 5-17)

  • Youth Respite (Ages 5-17)

  • Camp Kinder (Ages 5-17)

2022 Winter/Spring Adult Activities

Adult Swim
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Monday’s 6pm - 8pmCountry Inn & Suites$141.75April 4th,
April 11th,
April 18th, April 25th, May 2nd, May 9th,
Make a splash with our Adult Swim! This low-impact exercise is thoroughly enjoyed and inspires increased coordination, repetition, and movement! Under the interactive direction of our supportive staff, participants are able to maintain greater mobility and reach fitness goals. Make sure you bring your swimsuits!
Bingo Night
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Wednesday's 5 PM - 7 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue)$120.75 for 6 SessionsBingo is done until Fall!Come enjoy a fun night out playing Bingo! Socialize, have fun and win prizes!
Admirals Hockey
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Days VaryPanther Stadium in Milwaukee
*Drop off and pick up will be at the RADD Office*
*Drop off 2 Hours before the start of games*
(3312 Washington Ave, Racine, WI 53405)
$252.00 for 4 games fees include the busing*Sunday, April 24th – 3 PM game start timeEnjoy a fun and exciting night out at an Admirals Hockey Game.
Dance Club
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Mondays 5 PM - 7 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue)$73.50 for 6 SessionsMAKEUP DANCES
April 6th - 60s Dance Party, April 20th - Wild West Ho-Down, May 4th- Theme TBD
Who doesn't love dancing to YMCA, Limbo, Chicken Dance, Macarena, and the Cha Cha Slide? The RADD Dance Club promotes healthy living and results in improved balance, coordination, and motor skills. The friendly atmosphere allows for creative expression and individuality.

Through dance, members gain confidence, enjoy the freedom of movement and have a positive outlet for stress. Members of all ability levels learn the hottest new dances and enjoy dressing the part for monthly themes.

Staff and the energy of the DJ encourage even the most bashful to join the crowd on the floor. Dance Club is offered in both spring and fall for individuals ages 18 and older.
Dinner & Movie
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Tuesdays 5 PM - 7 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue)$141.75April 5th (make up day)Come enjoy a nice Dinner while watching a movie with your fellow peers.
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Tuesdays (Times Vary)Marcus Renaissance Cinema$105.00 for all 6 SessionsApril 19th, May 10thParticipate in a wonderful opportunity to be in the community socializing with friends enjoying the newest released movies with a bag of popcorn & beverage. Come join the fun! Participants will be notified 1 week prior to the event with the start & end time of the movie as well as the title.
Bowling Club
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Saturday's 1 PM - 3 PMCastle Lanes$110.25 for League Bowlers $89.25 for Leisure BowlersApril 2nd,
April 16th
Members cheer on their friends and have a fantastic time no matter how many strikes or gutter-balls they have. RADD's Bowling Club allows individuals of every level to participate. FUN for all!

Physical benefits include improved balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Social benefits are widespread, allowing clients to work on interpersonal relationships, turn-taking skills, and behavioral control.

With such diverse functioning levels, bowlers learn to respect and value the differences of their teammates and other players.

This adaptive bowling league meets six times per season at Castle Lanes bowling alley. Bowlers can choose between league and leisure bowling. Club members top off the season with an awards banquet ceremony.
Bowling Banquet
Saturday, May 7th from 1 PM - 3 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue) (Includes Lunch, Awards & Music)
Cooking Class
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Thursday's 5 PM - 7 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue)$141.75 for 6 sessionsCooking is done until next season!Cooking class is a fun and interactive way to learn about making healthy choices, basic kitchen etiquette, hygiene, and safety. Participants prepare, cut, measure, bake and cook healthy recipes! Three different recipes will be made at each session. Most importantly, participants get to proudly taste the healthy food they have prepared. The fall cooking class sessions will focus on foods that cater to Cultures!
Adult Overnight Respite
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Fridays 5 PM - Saturdays 11 AMCountry Inn & Suites$309.75 per overnight respiteApril 29th, May 20thAn incredibly fun-packed overnight stay at a local hotel or campsite, participants have the opportunity to engage in conversation with peers and staff, swim, play games, make crafts, all while gaining skills in daily living, contributing to greater independence.

The benefits that accompany being able to take a break from the demands of daily routines reach well beyond our participants. The impact extends deep into the lives of the families and caregivers, as well. Overnight Adult Respite is offered for individuals ages 18 and older.

Don't forget your swimsuits!

*A 48-hour cancellation notice is required for all respites, or the parent/guardian will be charged the full fee*

2022 Winter/Spring Youth Activities

Youth Overnight Respite
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Fridays 5 PM- Saturdays 11 AMCountry Inn & Suites$315.00 per Overnight RespiteApril 8th,
May 6th
Sign up to be part of this ever-popular group where your child will have a blast! Youth and staff look forward to swimming, games, arts & crafts, spending quality time with good friends, and assisting with meals and snacks. This small set is the perfect place to work on turn-taking, social skills, independence, and daily routines.

Each child is paired with a carefully selected staff member whose primary goal is to make sure that your child has a memorable weekend. Prior to your child's arrival, staff is given their assigned groups, individualized folders outlining pertinent information about each child, and a schedule of activities to make overnight respite a success.

The cost of the overnight includes snacks, dinner, and continental breakfast. All of this is in a safe, loving environment while you rejuvenate your energy. Dinner, Snacks, and Breakfast will be provided! There will be swimming, games, movies and other activities. Don't forget your swimsuits!

*Please note that we need 48-hour cancellation notice is required for all respites; otherwise, the parent/guardian will be responsible for payment*
Youth 6HR Respite
WhenWhereCostMonth and Date
Saturdays 11 AM-5 PMRADD Office (3312 Washington Avenue)$115.00 per sessionApril 23rd, May 14thWith our current overnight youth respite activities being so popular, we will now offer six-hour daytime respites on weekends or days when school is not in session. Six-hour respites provide participants the opportunity for continued community engagement and development, even when outside of school.

In breaking up the six-hour blocks of time, our possibilities are endless and include things like parachute play, learning a new dance, listening to music, learning new fitness activities, singing karaoke, playing games, getting creative with arts and crafts, and so much more. An afternoon snack is included!

Lunch and a snack will be provided! There will be Arts & Crafts, Games, Music, Movies and More FUN!

*48-hour Cancellation is required for all respites; otherwise, parent/guardian will be responsible for payment*