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Spring 2019 Youth Activities

Youth Respite 4 HOUR RESPITE 6 HOUR RESPITE Movies
Friday 5 pm to Noon Saturday Friday 4:00 pm to 8:00pm  10:30 am to 4:30 pm Tuesdays times will vary


Country Inn & Suites 13339 Hospitality Court


Mt Pleasant Town Hall

8811 Campus Dr

Mt Pleasant WI 53406

Mt Pleasant Town Hall

8811 Campus Dr

Mt Pleasant WI 53406

Marcus Renaissance Cinema

10411 Washington Ave  Sturtevant, WI 53177

·         January 25th

·         February 22nd

·         March 22nd

·         April 26th

·         May 17th

·         May 31st


·      01/18 New Year Party!

·       02/15 Valentine’s Party

·       03/01 Movie/Popcorn

·       04/05 BINGO!

·      05/03 Game Day!


·       Jan 21’st

·       March 8th

·       April 14th

·           January 29th

·           February 26th

·           March 12th

·           April 16th

·           May 14th


Activity Fee $295.00 Activity Fee $60.00 Activity Fee $90.00 Activity Fee $ 85.00
Per Respite Per Respite Per Respite Sessions: 5
48 hr CANCELLATION is required for all respites otherwise you will be responsible for payment 48 hr CANCELLATION is required for all respites otherwise you will be responsible for payment 48 hr CANCELLATION is required for all respites otherwise you will be responsible for payment
Dinner, Snacks, Swimming, Movies, Breakfast, Games,


*02/15 Valentine’s Day bring a bag to collect Valentine’s! J *various activities

*cookie décor

*crafts    *games



Spring 2018 Youth Activity Guide

Overnight  Youth Respite

Ages 7 to 17 $295.00 per overnight Respite
An incredibly fun packed overnight stay at a local hotel.  Participants have the opportunity to engage in conversation with peers and staff, swim, play games, make crafts, all while gaining skills in daily living, contributing to greater independence.  The benefits that accompany being able to take a break from the demands of daily routines reach well beyond our participants.  The impact extends deep into the lives of the families and caregivers, as well.  Dinner and a late night snack are included.  A complimentary continental breakfast is served in the morning.  Overnight Youth Respite is offered to youth ages 5 – 17.


6 Hour Day Respite Ages 5 to 17 $90.00 per day Respite
New for the year 2018, Six Hour Youth Day Respites!  With our current overnight youth respite activities being so popular, we will now offer six hour daytime respites for youth ages 5 to 17.  Six hour respites provide participants the opportunity for continued community engagement and development, even when outside of school. While utilizing a community based multipurpose location, our youth will be able to participate in preparing a nutritious family style meal for the entire group.  In breaking up the six hour blocks of time, our youth will also have tons of opportunities to build friendships, socialize, and develop life skills.  The possibilities are endless and include things such as; parachute play, learning a new dance, listening to music, learning new fitness activities, having a talent show, singing karaoke, learning to sew, playing games, and getting creative with arts and crafts.  Lunch and an afternoon snack are included.


Transitional Activities for Youth ages 16 and up
Aquasize Class Ages 16 and up $100.00 for 5 Sessions
Make a splash with our Aquasize Class!  This low impact exercise is thoroughly enjoyed and inspires increased coordination, repetition, and movement!  Under the interactive direction of a qualified instructor and supportive staff, participants are able to maintain greater mobility and reach fitness goals.  For ages 16 & up.


Cooking Class Ages 16 and up $95.00 for 6 Sessions
Cooking class is a fun and interactive way to learn about making healthy choices, basic kitchen etiquette, hygiene, and safety. Participants prepare, cut, measure, bake and cook healthy recipes! Three different recipes will be made at each session. Most importantly, participants get to proudly taste the healthy food they have prepared.  The spring cooking class sessions will focus on foods from all around the World!  For ages 16 & up.