6 Hour Youth Respite


Six Hour Youth Day Respites!  With our current overnight youth respite activities being so popular, we will now offer six hour daytime respites on weekends or days when school is not in session.  Six hour respites provide participants the opportunity for continued community engagement and development, even when outside of school. While utilizing a community based multipurpose location, our youth will be able to participate in preparing a nutritious family style meal for the entire day respite group.  In breaking up the six hour blocks of time, our youth will also have the opportunity to build friendships, socialize with peers and staff, participate in parachute activities, learn a new dance, listen to music, learn a new fitness activity, have a talent show, sing karaoke, learn to sew, play games, and get creative with arts and crafts.


6 Hour Youth Respite Activity Information

Spring 2018 Dates:

February 25

March 11

April 15

Time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

For Ages: 5 to 17

Cost: $75.00 per session